Pardon My Intentions

Hello, My Name Is…

…April. Yes, like the month, and no, my middle name is not May, and no, I wasn’t born in April. I was named after my beautiful Aunt April and up through my early 20s known as either April II or Little April. I’m still called Little April from time to time, especially during family gatherings when both April’s are present. I don’t mind, though, as it’s nostalgic for me.

If you saw my report cards beginning in elementary school you’d read comments from my teachers such as “April is too talkative.” The following semester you’d read “April is still too talkative.” By the end of the year the comments had become slightly more aggressive, and I’m pretty sure my teachers were happy to move me ahead to the next grade. “April is a bright student but needs to control her talking.”

I don’t talk with the intentions of hurting someone, though. That’s never been the case. I’m just a talker, and based on my son’s report cards, the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree. I enjoy a good debate. I enjoy a challenge. If I would like to learn about something, I’ll look it up, hook it up or call someone up.

I like to have fun. I enjoy making people laugh. I strive to make others feel good. I love to love, be loved and show love. I believe in simplicity. I know it’s the little things that make me who I am. I appreciate. I investigate. I delegate. If my words can make a single person smile or make them think about something that makes them happy, then I feel good. I’m not one of those who if they had one wish it’d be to have world peace, because that’s just a silly wish, Miss America. It’d be to change the life of someone through my words or actions–to set a good example, to teach something, to utilize my personal experiences, what I’ve learned, what I’ve gained, what I’ve lost and what I’ve accomplished. I’m a little bit of business, much less political, and more deep-thinking.


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